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12 June 2024


Racing Connecting Rod

Weight saving on reciprocating and rotating mass has a great impact on engine performance, as power is increased throughout the rev range with reduced friction and vibration. Combined effect is a completely transformed engine character that runs smoothly with a softer and quicker response.

Steel rods are cost effective, reliable and deliver a time tested solution for high horsepower and high revving applications. Dp high quality connecting rods are double air re-melt steel that have been forged, ensuring a better grain structure and lower sulphur content (0.01%), which means fewer inclusions and faults.

In General Steel rods are probably the best choice for connecting rods because of its durability and strength. With the proper designing and heat treatment process as we in dp follow, forged steel connecting rod can be ultra-light and good enough for high revving engines. DP manufactures steel rods from the well commonly used 4340, but also from high performance steels and tool steels with additional percentage of Chromium and Vanadium according to the targeted hp and the weight reduction needed.

Dp also manufactures Aluminum rods for specific applications and for certain disciplines like drag racing, where high boost and/or nitrous are common place. Dp aluminum rods are made from billet Alcoa certified aluminum plates. While steel and titanium are stronger in terms of overall tensile strength, the aluminum alloy delivers the required 'give' during violent operation. However, the aluminum rod is essentially a disposable part, requiring frequent replacement.