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23 July 2024

Rod Bolts

Rod bolts used in our own high performance racing rod applications are made also in house from two main materials.

Highest quality steel and tool steel materials with sulphur content less than 0.005% is used. We also have the ability to choose from exotic materials with even higher strength if needed.

Both materials are using dedicated heat treating process and all threads are roll formed in our thread forming press after final heat treatment.

That gives to the thread the maximum strength required for the racing rod application. Steel materials are having increased Chromium percentage for improved strength, where tool steel materials have also addition of Vanadium.

That gives to our steel bolts the strength of a 220KSi and to our tool steel bolts the strength of 245KSi.

Steel bolts are used in applications of up to 8500 Revs and 165Hp per cylinder.

Above those HP and revving targets and up to 300Hp per cylinder and 10500 Revs we use our tool steel series of bolts.

The very good thing with us making also the rod bolt except the actual rod as most of the manufacturers do is that we can better design the bolt length, thread pitch and main diameters according to the exact need of the connecting rod itself and finally be able to deliver the best rod-bolt combination needed in the high performance racing engines.

Also the need of producing small batch special connecting rods would not be possible if we had to push our design to use a general use rod bolt as is supplied of the well-known high volume bolt manufacturers.

Each bolt we manufacture in house is measured to the strict standards we always follow before and after each operation towards the final product peening and finishing.