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12 June 2024

Block Guard

Block Guard, also known as a sleeve saver, is a special cnc machined aluminum brace that fits into open deck engines (such as Honda B series) and prevents the cylinder sleeve from flexing during high RPM, nitrous or high boost applications. DP, through dedicated research and development along with race experience, has designed a superior block guard sleeve saver that almost eliminates engine sleeve flex. The trick is to have a block guard that is strong enough to prevent flex in the sleeves, but also has properly positioned watering holes that allow your water and coolant to flow in the open deck design, and ensuring your engine continues to run cool. Various companies around the world are using cheap casted or pressed series block guards when our development uses the best available aluminum and is fully machined from billet plate fully certified Alcoa material.

For the full racing applications we design a closed deck conversion sleeve and that is what we recommend as best solution since sleeve rigidity inside the engine block is crucial.